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We specialise in securing the right funding for your business assets, including plant and equipment, technology, warehousing, and more. Our services also include environmentally friendly disposal of redundant assets and asset management systems through our specialist partners.

K5 Business Finance Services

Finance Lease

A Finance Lease allows you to spread the cost of an asset over its useful lifecycle.  No large deposits are required.

K5 Business Finance Services

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is where the funder invests a residual value at the end of the agreement so you pay a reduced rental.  

K5 Business Finance Services

Lease/Hire Purchase

A Lease Purchase or Hire Purchase agreement enables you to fully pay for the asset over a period of time.  At the end of the agreement ownership passes formally to you for a nominal fee.

K5 Business Finance Services

Asset Disposal

Work with us and our partners to ensure you have a environmentally friendly and green disposal policy.  In most cases we can actually realise some value for you at the end of your assets' life.

K5 Business Finance Services

Sale and Leaseback

This enables you to release the equity in an asset that you already own.  This provides the business with a cash injection and gives you a choice of repayment structures.

K5 Business Finance Services

Vendor Finance

Working with you as your in house finance expert we enable your sales teams to present a leasing option to your end clients.  Your full project is paid on day 1 providing a positive cash flow to your business.

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